International Student Voyage

International Student Voyage – 26 June – 1 July 2011

Experience Stewart Island with Elwing Discoveries!

26 June – 1 July 2011

Imagine living on a large yacht!   Travel from bay to bay, exploring rivers, hideaway coves.  Experience remote reefs and sandy shores.  Paddle kayaks up hidden creeks through the bush.

As well as true adventure this trip will help to enhance our appreciation of the environment, help us learn  how to look after it and enjoy it to its full. Voyagees, with the aid of Arthur, the skipper, will raise and lower sails, sail to a new anchorage each night.  At the end of the day  they will sit around and fill in their logs to recapture the adventures of the day.  This tailor-made programme for senior adventurers  will be an amazing, fulfilling and educational  experience  in this unique part of New Zealand.

We  operate in conjunction with Coastguard Boating Education (CBES) and deliver, in a practical and informal way, the Dayskipper Experience course which is an introduction to going boating safely (not only in New Zealand but internationally),  and learning to make safe decisions even when the individual is not the organiser of the trip. We feel this is a very important part of our adventure voyage especially with the issues with boating safety we have had in New Zealand in recent times.

This voyage  really is a unique way of our International students visiting and experiencing Stewart Island and the exceptional wilderness it has to offer.

The  adventure participants will live together on board “Elwing” and sail around different parts of  Paterson Inlet Stewart Island,  anchoring in different bays to suit the weather forecast.

During their travels the participants should sight a number of things of interest – birds, seals, shags, albatrosses, land formation, historic sights, visit Ulva Island and will take part in extra activities besides sailing, e.g. kayaking, activities with rubber inflatable boat and outboard,  swimming, navigation, exploring.  This adventure is based on each person participating fully in the programme on board Elwing”.

                        Yacht Name:                           Elwing

                        Length:                                    14m (46 ft)

                        Power:                                     Sail & Diesel Engine

“Elwing” is a surveyed vessel through Maritime New Zealand (MNZ)  “Elwing” will carry all necessary safety equipment to meet the requirements of such a trip, – e.g. life jackets, first aid, radios, flares, life rings, floatation devices.

Participants will travel by their own  arrangement to meet at the Bluff Ferry Terminal on  Sunday 26 June 2011 at 4.00 pm sharp.   Arthur , the skipper of Elwing, will meet the voyagees and introduce himself. They will board the Foveaux Express and travel to Stewart Island where they will then travel to Elwing to begin their Stewart Island adventure.

On Friday 1 July 2011  the participants will travel again on the Foveaux Express back to Bluff, arriving at 4.00pm to travel home by their own arrangement.

Should travel be required from Invercargill there is a shuttle which connects to each ferry sailing and this works well for many of our voyagees. Also, if accommodation is necessary we have a very good contact with the Bluff Lodge Backpackers and this too, works well for many of our clients.

The cost for each voyagee is $550.00 – this price is all inclusive from Bluff (ferry, voyage, food, CBES course).  A deposit of $100.00 is required on resservation. The balance of $450.00 is due for full payment by 19 June 2011. Bank payment can be arranged when you make contact with us.  If you have any further queries or have students wishing to reserve a berth, please phone  027 2768817 or email us at . There are 10 berths available on the voyage.

Yours faithfully,

B. A.  White

Barbara White

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