Holiday Adventure a Great Success

Elwing is back on her mooring! She has had a great week away with a group of young adventurers in Paterson Inlet Stewart Island!  The weather was outstanding for the voyage although there wasn’t much sailing done as there was no wind!!  There was a lot of sun though and calm weather. This meant the youngsters were able to go fishing out in Foveaux Strait – this is not that usual so these adventurers were lucky!  We had youngsters on board from Canterbury south and there are now ten adventurers who knew no-one to begin with and now are ten friends who have adventured together for the week!  If you are one of them – maybe you would like to join our Elwing Discoveries facebook page – put some pictures on for us, write a comment or two!

Upcoming Voyages?  Check out our next post for the upcoming voyages.  B-)