About the Skipper and Family

Enroute to Port Pegasus, Stewart Island

Edward White (Eddy)

Eddy took over the operation of Elwing Discoveries from his father Arthur in mid 2022.

Eddy’s background in the outdoors and boating started at a very young age. As a toddler on family trips and adventures! This usually featured boating and watermanship training. And it all started with generally mucking about in boats. This is still one of his favourite past-times. Giving him the opportunity to pass on this same knowledge and experience. His partner Carly and children Charlie, Charlotte and Harry being the fortunate recipients.

As the years have gone by Eddy’s skills as a seaman and skipper have developed. This enabled him to gain his qualifications as a Commercial Launch Master by the age of 18. All while having access to Arthur‘s knowledge and experience. Especially of the safe havens of the wild southern coast. Often by osmosis, and always with Arthur’s consistent encouragement and love.

Eddy has grown up with adventure on the water for the last 40 years! Especially around the Coastal Otago and Stewart Island. In these southern regions aboard Elwing he can facilitate your adventure. The experience of a lifetime, utilising his wide knowledge and experience!

  • New Zealand Commercial Launch Master
  • Padi Open Water Dive Instructor (membership lapsed)
  • Padi Dive Master (membership lapsed).
  • Current first aid certificate
  • Experienced Sea Kayak guide.
  • Owner operator of numerous pleasure craft for the last 30+ years, and all the commercial experience.

Elwing Discoveries Founders

Arthur and wife Barbara started Elwing discoveries in 1996. After purchasing Elwing off the original owner builder, Warwick Trig.

For the years following Arthur also operated the charter operation. With a large focus on youth experience in education trips. As well as adult and family adventure expeditions. Especially around Stewart Island.

Arthur‘s vision and passion was second to none. His focus was total! And aligned with educating and facilitating adventures for youth and adults alike.

With a modest, ideally suited vessel for the region, he and Barbara hosted diverse groups. An array consisting of youth, family, and adults. For their experience trip of a lifetime.