Elwing The Ship

Arthur, The Skipper Gets the Foredeck Ready for the Next Trip

Elwing Has a Spacious Foredeck

Elwing is really a small ship – 14 metres long (46 feet) on deck. She sails (cutter rigged), has an auxillary engine, and is a very capable vessel.  Aboard are a range of ‘toys’ (activity items) including kayaks, rubber dinghies and outboards, depending on your requirements.

Kayaks loaded ready for the next adventure at Stewart Island

The Foredeck Now Loaded with Situpon Kayaks

Elwing is  licensed to take up to 12 passengers on overnight adventures and 22 passengers for day excursions although we find that 8 adults on a voyage is a comfortable number.

She is named after Princess Elwing in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  In short Elwing means “Star Spray” of a waterfall glistening in the moonlight. So… a very fitting name for a beautiful ship! And in the context of Elwing Discoveries so “at home” with her voyages in southern New Zealand.

NOTE: Payment to be made in full on reservation – by internet banking or by Credit Card (with a 5% surcharge).